Soundbox on it’s way!!!

One productive day after another, today was no different getting the end wedge in place and glueing on the top.

To get the end wedge done I had to carve a place in the bottom of the sides and cut out the wedge to place into it. I didn’t just want to do a normal type of wedge so I used the same piece of maple that I used for the heel cap.


I then had to add the reinforcements for the sides. I wanted to add some interesting pieces for this so I laminated some maple in between scrap mahogany I had so make some nice looking reinforcements.


I then started the prep work for the top where I had to chisel out the side areas where the braces would protrude so that the top will lay flat onto the kerfing. You can see the bottoms already chiseled out and the top (which is actually the back) slots cut.


Once all of the slots were chiseled out I made sure the top laid flat and glued it up, using a lot of clamps to make sure it stays in place.


I will have it clamped overnight to ensure that it holds. It’s starting to look more and more like a soundbox. Tomorrow the back will be glued on to the box.

3 Replies to “Soundbox on it’s way!!!”

  1. Love the fact that you made the inner reinforcements look beautiful, even though that can’t be seen. Its nice a trick to find more enjoyment in every step of the process.

    1. Thank you for the great comment. Yes I think these small special touches is what makes a handmade instrument special and one of a kind. Someone will look into the sound hole one day and see these reinforcement pieces and think about how nice they look.

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